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Dance Attack Dance Studio 

2019-2020 Season Schedule

Teens and Seniors Comp


Monday (Advanced Level) 

4:00-5:00pm               Ballet/Tap (CM) 4-5 years

5:00-6:00pm               Pee Wee Comp (CM)

6:00-7:30pm               Technique Adv (JC)

7:30-8:30pm               Contemporary Adv (PI)

8:30-9:30pm               Hip Hop Adv


Wednesday (Advanced Level)

4:00-5:00pm               Hip Hop Mini II (AM) 6-10 years

5:00-6:00pm               Mini 1 Comp ((CM)

6:00-7:00pm               Jazz / Acro / Turns (CR)

7:00-8:00pm              Ballroom Adv (AT)

8:00-9:30pm              Ballet Adv (LA)

Saturday Classes

“Christina Meza” - Teacher


Kinder I (2.5-3 years)

             9:00a-10:00a              Ballet / Tap

Kinder II (3-4 years)

            10:00-11:00pm           Ballet / Tap

Combo I (4-5 years)

            11-12pm                     Ballet / Tap

            12p-12:30pm             Beg Acro  

Combo II (5-7 yrs )

            12:30p-2pm                Ballet / Jazz

            2:00-2:30pm                Tap I

            2:30-3:30pm                Acro I

Class (7-10 years)

           3:30-4:30pm                Acro

          4:30-5:30pm                Jazz

          5:30-6:30pm               Mini II Comp

Minis, Juniors & Rec

Tuesday (Beginner / Intermediate)

4:00-5:00pm          Contemporary Rec/Beg 6-10 Years (DH)

5:00-6:00pm          Ballet Mini (MM)

6:00-7:30pm         Ballet (MM)

7:30-8:30pm         Jazz Int (CR)

8:30-9:30pm         Hip Hop Jr II (AM)

Thursday  (Beginner / Intermediate)

5:00-6:00pm          Open

6:00-7:00pm          Acro Jr II (CR)

7:00-8:30pm          Technique Jr II (JC)   

8:30-9:30pm          Ballroom (AT)


Performing Arts Students

(Invited Students Only)

Performing arts students must attend Friday evenings classes 6-8pm

*= Company Students Only

Friday:   6:00 -  8:00  pm 

P/Arts Company Members Only


**All Studio dancewear must be purchased thru studio

Please order at reception desk.

Attire must be Studio Leotard

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